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NASA - Requirements Documentation & Automated Requirement Measurement

NASA - Requirements Documentation & Automated Requirement Measurement

NASA - Requirements Documentation & Automated Requirement Measurement

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Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) major contributor to Use Cases, modern business engineering and the Unified Process:

UML (unified modeling language),
Objectory (object-oriented development method)
RUP (Rational Unified Process) and
Aspect-oriented software development

Check out his website now

Test Automation

Techniques and ideas for automating software testing.

Hey Vendors, Give Us Real Scripting Languages, Bret Pettichord
Why you'd want a standard scripting language with your test tool, instead of a vendorscript. (February 2001)
Getting a Late Start on Test Automation, Bret Pettichord
What can you do if you don't start test automation early? (January 2001)
Three Keys to Test Automation, Bret Pettichord
How can you get your test automation project off on the right foot? (December 2000)
A UML Testing Framework, Martin Fowler, Software Development, April 1999
Uses UML to describe the JUnit test harness.
Seven Steps to Test Automation Success, by Bret Pettichord
Important steps for planning and running a test automation project. Cites pitfalls of GUI test automation.
Automating Testing, by Brian Marick
Describes the evolution of test tools.
Software Test Automation and the Product Life Cycle, by Dave Kelly
Advice on test automation focusing on when to start automating.
Lessons in Test Automation, by Elfrieda Dustin
Test managers often can find themselves surprised at the difficulty of test automation. This article collects lessons learned on various projects after they started using automated tools. Corrective actions are suggested.
When Should a Test be Automated?, by Brian Marick
Considers relevant factors in deciding which tests to automate.
Integrated, Effective Test Design and Automation, by Ed Kit
Describes "third generation" table-driven test automation. Includes spreadsheet templates.
How to Automate Testing of Graphical User Interfaces, by Tilo Linz and Matthias Daigl
Describes important considerations in the development of test procedure libraries.
Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing, by Keith Zambelich
Evaluates two useful architectures for test automation.
When to Automate Testing: A Cost-Benefit Analysis, by James Hancock
Common sense about what tests should be automated.
Styles for Making Test Automation Work, by Mike Powers
Coding standards and techniques for test automation.
Improving the Maintainability of Automated Test Suites, by Cem Kaner
Descriptions of the pitfalls and challenges of automated testing.
Classic Testing Mistakes, by Brian Marick
A litany of mistakes made in testing, including a section on test automation mistakes.
Test Automation Snake Oil, by James Bach
An argument against some of the naive claims made for test automation by someone who has been burned many times. A newer version of article is available in PDF.
Success with Test Automation, by Bret Pettichord
Description of the development of test automation that used a table-driven approach.
Improving the Maintainability of Automated Test Suites, Cem Kaner
Overview of the many pitfalls in automated regression testing. (1997)
Data Driven Test Automation Framworks, Carl Nagle
Explaining keyword & data driven drivers and hybrid test automation engines.
Automated Software Testing - A Perspective, by Kerry Zallar

Other listings of articles on test automation.

Papers on Automated Testing, from Automated Testing Specialists
Papers for Automated Testing, from the Chinese Association for Software Quality

Test Tools

Comparing and selecting various test tools.

Choosing a Test Tool, Mark Fewster and Dorothy Graham.
Short sharp advice about how to choose a testing tool.

Making the Right Choice: The Features you Need in a GUI Test Automation Tool, by Elisabeth HendricksonAn excellent guide to selecting a GUI test tool. (PDF format)
Evaluating Tools, Elizabeth Hendrickson. A tool selection process to help with selecting a tool for your team.

WinRunner Tutorial - Notes on the WinRunner automated software functionality test
tool from Mercury Interactive -Insights not obvious from available documentation.

SilkTest and WinRunner Feature Descriptions, by Horwath, Green & Lawler, 2000
Report describing the differences between these two test tools by independent test automation consultants. Focuses on detailed comparisons of specific features; avoids any kind of general recommendations.

Testing Strategy

Quality Cost Analysis: Benefits and Risks, Cem Kaner
Does testing save your company money or is it just another expense? Quality cost analysis describes the metrics you need to find out.
It Depends: Deciding on the Correct Ratio of Developers to Testers, by Johanna Rothman.
It would be nice if we could calculate the size of the required testing staff based on the number of developers on the team. This paper discusses the relevant factors to be considered by discussing several case studies.
What Is Software Testing? And Why Is It So Hard? by James A. Whittaker
An excellent overview of software testing with solid examples.
Why Software Fails, James Whittaker and Alan Jorgensen
Provides an novel classification for software bugs.
The Testing Team's Motto, by Brian Marick
A testing team's mission is to reduce the uncertainty regarding the quality of the software.
Software Testing Best Practices, by Ram Chillarege
This consise report describes 28 best practices for software testing listed in order of implementation.
Negotiating Testing Resources: A Collaborative Approach, by Cem Kaner
System Test Pattern Language, by David DeLano and Linda Rising

Risk Analysis

Risk-Based Testing, James Bach
Describes several methods for using information about risk to help direct testing.
Risk-Based Testing, Keith McMahon

Reporting and Tracking Defects

Failure Improvement, by Brian Marick
A list of things to look for when analyzing a software failure and writing up a defect report.
Software Defect Isolation, by Prathibha Tammana and Danny Faught
Discusses techniques for isolating, reproducing and reporting defects.
Gauging Software Readiness with Defect Tracking, by Steve McConnell
A brief list of techniques for estimating defects.

Code Coverage

How to Misuse Code Coverage, by Brian Marick
Common ways to misuse code coverage tools, by the author of the GCT coverage tool.
Software Negligence and Testing Coverage, by Cem Kaner
How many different ways can you assess testing coverage? What are you legally required to do?
Code Coverage Analysis, by Steve Cornett
Good description of the different categories of code coverage measurements (statement, condition, path...).
Incomplete Tests are Worse Than None At All, by Edward Miller
Essay argues for the necessity of module and call-pair coverage.
Experience with the Cost of Different Coverage Goals for Testing, by Brian Marick
Describes experiences at Motorola of using code coverage measures of unit tests.

Exploratory Testing

What Is Exploratory Testing?, by James Bach
A nice description of a test approach that high-performing teams have been using for years.
General Functionality and Stability Test Procedure, by James Bach
An exploratory testing methodology used for Windows 2000 application certification.
Exploratory Modeling, Harry Robinson
Describes the purpose and context for exploratory testing.
An Exploratory Testing Workshop Report, by Bret Pettichord.
Report describing exploratory techniques reviewed at a workshop.

Software Testability

I Want My Test API, Linda Hayes
Suggests that a bit of added code to software can greatly facilitate automated testing; argues against feeble objections to doing this. (Datamation, Dec 2000)
Do Tool Criteria Tie Tester's Hands?, Joel Maslyn & Bret Pettichord
Notices that a purportedly comprehensive article on requirements for GUI development tools made absolutely no mention of testability concerns. (IEEE Software, Nov 1997)
Adding Test Support Code, by Brian Marick
A case study for making small changes to a program to improve its testability.
Improving Software Testability, by Joy Shafer
Indentifies factors affecting the ability to test software

Working with Developers

Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don't Have Testers, Joel Spolsky
A developer argues for hiring more testers, revealing some common (wrong) attitudes in the process.
Testers and Developers, by Bret Pettichord and Carol Dekkers.
Radio interview discussion of the different ways that testers think. (February 2000)
Taking the Heat, by Bret Pettichord.
Is it the testers' job to take some of the heat off of developers? (, October 2000)
Testers and Developers Think Differently, by Bret Pettichord.
Describes different perspectives that testers and developers bring to the team. (STQE Magazine, January 2000)

Using Expect

Expect is a Unix tool for testing command line interfaces.

Notorious Bugs

Are there still major computer system failures caused by software bugs?
A long list of software failures from the Software QA/Test Resource Center.
10 Great Bugs of History, by Cnet.
Part of a special series on bugs.

Ariane 5, June 1996. The maiden launch of the Ariane 5 rocket blew up 40 seconds from liftoff. The rocket and it's four satellites were uninsured and worth $500 million. The proximate cause of the crash was an overflow error due to an attempt to convert a 64 bit floating point value into a 16 bit integer. This error occurred in code that was non-functional after liftoff, when the error occurred. The Inquiry Board report provides details regarding the software failure and the design policies that lead to it. A note in the Risks Digest indicates that a complete system test would have found the problem but was vetoed for budgetary reasons.

Therac-25, June 1985 - January 1987. The Therac-25 medical linear accelerator was responsible for six accidents involving massive overdoses of radiation, three of which lead to deaths. The proximate causes of the accidents were eventually attributed to two separate and hard-to-reproduce faults caused by race conditions in the data entry system. IEEE Computer published a summary report by Nancy Leveson and Clark Turner. Nancy Leveson also published a detailed account as a chapter in her book Safeware: System Safety and Computers.

Boris Beizer's List. Boris Beizer has said, "Remember that the most notorious bugs in the history of software development were all unit bugs -- bugs that would have been found by proper unit testing." (Letter to swtest-discuss, 10 June 1997). Here is his list:

  1. The Voyager bug (sent the probe into the sun).
  2. The AT&T bug that took out 1/3 of US telephones.
  3. The DCS bug that took out the other 1/3 a few months later.
  4. The Intel Pentium chip bug (it was software, not hardware).
  5. The Ariane V bug.

In a later letter, he agreed that the Therac 25 bug was also notorious, but not really a unit bug.

John Shore collected a number of reports, often apocryphal, of famous bugs.

In the News

Software defects and testing discussed in the news.

High tech's missionaries of sloppiness, by Cheryll Aimee Barron,, Dec 2000.
Discusses how buggy software is the consequence of business strategies that focus on innovation over reliability. Good quotes.
Your Call is Important to Us, Joe Salkowski, Feb 2000.
Software nowadays is so unreliable that internet companies can avoid potentially embarrassing consequences of call avoidance strategies by claiming to be victims of "insignificant" software bugs.
Software Testing Gets New Respect, Billie Shea, Information Week, July 3, 2000
Suggests that internet companies have recently been more successful at justifying the expense of automated testing.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Notes on the difference between software testing and software quality assurance.

What is Software Quality Assurance and What is Software Testing?, from the Software QA/Test Resource Center

A Career in Software Testing

Clearing a Career Path for Software Testers, by Elaine J. Weyuker et al.
Defines steps AT&T is taking to define a career path for testers and encourage certification. (requires subscription)
Software Tester Salaries, by the Software Testing Institute

Software Process

Ideas on how to organize software development.

The Immaturity of the CMM, by James Bach
This article criticizes the Capability Maturity Model as a useful methodology for organizing software development.


Discussing testing and bugs.

QA Forums
Lively discussions of automated testing and other testing topics.
This newsletter tracks bugs in commercial PC software. Can you find problems like these before your product ships?
Software Testing and Quality Engineering, formerly Software QA Magazine.
A magazine for the professional tester. The articles are written by experienced professionals. I get all kinds of ideas from this.

The moderated newsgroup comp.risks contains concise and technically precise descriptions of software failures, especially when loss of life is involved. This is an excellent place to learn about the kinds of systemic problems that plague software.

The newsgroup has lively debates on topics such as the proper relationship between testers and developers. This is a place where testers and testing managers go to for advice when they get squeezed particularly hard. Many experienced and helpful software testers frequent this newsgroup. The group's list of frequently asked questions contains much useful information.

SQA Suite Users Mailing List

Interesting Sites

Sites with essays, articles or lists of general interest.

Software Dioxide
A portal for information about software engineering and quality assurance
QA City
Hung Nguyen's collection of links and articles. Like the Software Testing Hotlist, only easier on the eyes.
Automated Testing
Herb Isenberg's site contains several papers on automated testing.
BD Online
This website is a case study in web software testing. It contains a sample test plan and requirements document.
The Bug Hunter
A weblog on software quality assurance by Stan Taylor.
Website features weekly columns, archives of papers, and other current information on software testing and quality assurance.
Data Kinetics Software Testing Conference
Online conference featuring online presentations and links to resources.
Rex Black's Publications
Several papers on testing and test management.
Testing Papers Announce
A listing of software testing papers recently published on the web. A primary reference used by this hotlist.
Methods & Tools
A quarterly newsletter covering software testing and other software development topics.
Eugene Vinsky's grab bag of information about software testing
Grove Consultants
Automated Testing Specialists
Includes index to articles on automated testing and other testing topics
Bret Pettichord
Features papers on test automation and other testing topics.
Danny Faught
Includes FAQ's on software testing as well as articles on testing, Unix and Perl.
Satisfice, James Bach's consulting company
Includes many of Bach's articles on software testing and process.
Software Research, Inc., a test tool vendor.
Includes Quality Techniques Newsletter (formerly Testing Techniques Newsletter) and Software Quality HotList.
CenterLine Software, a test tool vendor.
Rational, a test tool vendor that gobbled up Pure, Atria and MS test.
Includes dozens of technical papers, including Quality on Time, by Aki Fujimura, an interesting article on scheduling development and testing.
Data Dimensions, consulting and contracting company.
Includes a collections of articles from their newsletter, The Testers Network
Brian Marick's writings
Includes many of his papers and essays.
RBSC Corporation., consulting, training and contracting.
Includes lots of information about object-oriented testing: articles by Bob Binder, a bibliography, and a list of resources.
Cigital, Inc. (formerly Reliable Software Technologies), consulting and research in software risk management
Includes a few hundred papers documenting original research and the Software Risk Management Hotlist.
Cem Kaner, Testing Consultant, Attorney at Law, and Professor of Computer Science
Includes papers on software testing and the law of software quality.
Software Testing Stuff, by Kerry Zallar
This web site also includes links to other QA resources.
Johanna Rothman
Includes papers on software testing and risk management
Rice Consulting Services
Includes a couple articles.
Systeme Evolutif
Includes testing resources, available to registered visitors.
Software Quality Engineering
Online catalog of software quality books, David Gelperin
4QA, also known as SVP.
Includes sample test code for QA Partner.
Software Testing Institute
Includes a salary survey
Technical Thoughts, by Howard Fear
Short essays on software engineering and testing.
Quality Tree Consulting
Articles and short essays ("ruminations") on software quality and testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson.
The Center for Software Engineering Research at Florida Tech
Harry Robinson's Model-Based Testing home page
Contains a comprehensive index to papers on using state models to generate software tests.
Harry Robinson's papers
Includes papers on model-based testing and international testing.
Chinese Association for Software Quality (CASQ)
A comprehensive web site. Includes excellent linked bibliographies. Automated Software Testing.
Aptest, providing test automation services
Includes Software Testing Resources
BetaSoft, providing test automation services
Includes forums and downloads for popular test tools. Also contains a job board.
Tantara Management Services, software process improvement and quality assurance consulting.
Includes a hotlist of reources.

Other Commercial Sites

Note: The Software Testing Hotlist no longer lists commercial websites unless they contain articles or other information of interest to the industry.

Recommended Books

I most frequently find myself recommending the following books to people who are new to software testing.

Testing Computer Software, by Kaner, Falk & Nguyen

If you read only one book on software testing, read this book. Many books will tell you how to test when you have enough time and cooperation. This book tells you what to do when the schedule is tight, the specification is missing, and the developers are tired of your focus on problems. It has sound advice and is a pleasure to read. I keep coming back to it. Feel like you have an impossible job? Read this book.

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I would like to thank Bret Pettichord for some of the above great links.

Bret Pettichord is a speaker, writer and consultant with Pettichord Consulting, specializing in software testing and test automation. Familiar with many test technologies, he develops test automation strategies, tools and test suites. He specializes in GUI test automation, scripting languages and test methodology.

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